St Nicholas of Bari, Parish Church, Siġġiewi

Parish Church of St. Nicholas


The parish of Siġġiewi consisted of a number of hamlets including Ħal Kbir, Ħax Xluq, Ħal Qdieri and Ħal Tabuni. Like Zebbug it is mentioned in the Rollo of the Bishop Senatore De Mello of 1436. The parish priest of Siġġiewi was then Presbiter Henricus de Callus.

The original parish church is situated further down the road from the current parish church and is now an archeological site.

The church dome (an inside perspective)

The Church Today

The church was built in the late 17th century and, like the Metropolitan Cathedral of Mdina, is attributed to Lorenzo Gafa. However, it was later enlarged by Nikol Zammit. The side aisles, dome and portico were added by Zammit.

The titular painting of St Nicholas is by Mattia Preti and the 18th century statue is by Pietro Felici.

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The 18th century statue of St. Nicholas

From the church of the parish church of St. Nicholas of Bari we continue towards the statue of St. Nicholas in the village piazza , veering right to the chapel of St. John the Baptist (a chapel of the Order of St John as denoted by its cross on the façade) and beyond into Triq l-Knisja and towards the archeological site that used to be the old parish church of Siġġiewi.

St. John the Baptist. A church of the Order of St. John in the Siġġiewi village piazza.
An early 20th century photograph of the village square

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