Old Parish Church (Archeological site), Siġġiewi

The Old Church, Siggiewi


The old parish church in Siġġiewi pre-dates the arrival of the knights of St. John. It was built in the 15th century and enlarged in the subsequent two centuries before being replaced by the Lorenzo Gafa/Nikol Żammit masterpiece.

The old parish church is mentioned in the report of the pastoral visit of Bishop Pietro Dusina. It had two altars, two naves and a baptistry near the main door. It also had an adjacent chapel dedicated to our Lady of the Visitation. Two other churches, one dedicated to St. Michael and another to St. Sebastian were also nearby.

During a late 16th century visit by Bishop Tommaso Gargallo the church had five altars and was further enlarged in the 17th century. With its latest enlargement, during the reign of Bishop Baldassare Cagliares, the church assumed a crucifix form and had seven altars. It also had a cemetary adjacent to it.

In the late 17th century, Bishop Davide Rocco Palmieri ordered that the church be demolished after it had suffered structural damage.

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